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Here are some of the most common questions GOGO White receives. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please let us know.

Why are my teeth yellow?
Over time and with age our teeth naturally become discolored as we eat foods and drink liquids that are acidic and strongly pigmented. Individuals with habits such as: drinking coffee, red wine and smoking/chewing tobacco products will experience severe discoloration at an earlier age. Poor dental heath and hygiene is also a factor in “yellow” teeth. The GOGO White Ionic Whitening System can reverse years of discoloration and restore your natural white smile.

How does teeth whitening work?
Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic process. There are four keys elements to successful teeth whitening: Ionic Whitening Gel, Light, Heat, and Exposure. Each of these key elements must be balanced to provide safe and successful teeth whitening. The GOGO White system uses a specially formulated ionic gel to penetrate the enamel of each tooth. As the gel is activated, it turns into oxygen and gently breaks down dark stains deep inside the tooth, which restores your teeth to their natural white color.

How white will my teeth get?
On average, most people improve their tooth color by 4 to 6 shades. Everyone’s teeth whiten differently due to age, dental health and personal habits.

Will my teeth be sensitive?
With the GOGO White system, you may experience minimal sensitivity. If the ionic gel contacts the gums you may experience slight discomfort or “blanching,” where the gel temporarily turns portions of the gums white, but this quickly disappears in a matter of minutes. The desensitizing gel will help relieve your teeth and gums of any sensitivity.

How long will the results last?
Individual results vary due to different habits. Coffee, tea, cola, wine and other habits such as tobacco can stain the teeth. On average the whitening results will last 6 months to a year. We recommend the GOGO White Pens, which can be used on the go to maintain the benefits of the whitening process. When combined with good dental hygiene this will prolong the results.

What if I have caps or crowns?
If you have artificial teeth, implants, veneers, caps or crowns, GOGO White’s products will lift any stains off of them, but can not whiten the artificial tooth any whiter than the original color of the material. It is beneficial to whiten your teeth before receiving a crown because the dentist will match the crown to the current color of your teeth, so be sure your smile is bright.

Should I avoid eating or drinking after my treatment?
It’s recommended not to eat or drink any dark colored food or beverage for 12-24 hours after your treatment, such as: coffee, red wine, berry or grape juice, dark soda. If you do, it is recommended that you drink through a straw.

There are two gels, which gel is the whitening solution?
This is a common question. The clear gel is the Ionic Whtiening Gel and the blue gel is the desensitizing Gel.

I just whitened my teeth, how do I keep them white?
Once you've whitened your smile, use the GOGO White Pen any time, any where, when you want to brighten you smile.

What is the guarantee?
Our products come with a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee of the purchase price.

Am I a candidate for a GOGO White treatment?
If you are ready to achieve the benefits of a whiter and brighter smile, than you are a likely candidate. If you’re currently pregnant or nursing you should not whiten your teeth; if you have untreated dental work consult with a dentist before whitening your teeth. The whitening process is a simple cosmetic treatment, and the results can be enjoyed by most people.

Teeth Whitening