Teeth Whitening


The Science of Teeth Whitening

There are four key elements to successful teeth whitening: Ionic Gel, Light, Heat, and Exposure. Each of these key elements must be balanced to provide safe and successful teeth whitening.


Ionic Gel

The GOGO White system uses a specially formulated ionic gel to penetrate the enamel of each tooth. As the gel is activated, it turns into oxygen and gently breaks down dark stains deep inside the tooth, which restores your teeth to their natural white color.



Blue Light with wavelengths between 400 and 560 nanometers catalyzes, or accelerates the break down of GOGO White Ionic Gel into hydroxyl radicals.



The 98.6 degree temperature in your mouth naturally helps to activate the peroxide. If the temperature increases much more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit it will break down too quickly, which inhibits the teeth whitening process. Unlike most whitening lamps, the GOGO White Activation Lightusescool blue light that doesnot heat up. The cool light is important for consistent teeth whitening throughout the procedure by allowing an even release of the hydroxyl radicals for the entire treatment. .



The more time exposure your teeth have to the GOGO Whiteionic gel and the activation light, the whiter they will get. The Custom Fit Trays ensure the ionic gel penetrated deep into the enamel and maximizes exposure. Following the recommended treatments will yield optimal results.

Teeth Whitening